Life as a Bridesmaid

Wedding Experiences

beautiful-bridesmaidsWhen it comes to weddings, I have had the privilege of serving as the bridesmaid in 10 celebrations. I have been blessed with good friends from high school and college. Along with the memories of being with them as they became man and wife, come some funny stories captured by wedding photographer Merida.

One of my college friends decided to make her own veil to match her white dress. I will never forget the morning of her celebration. She had planned on the veil being long. When she showed me the veil I thought it was gorgeous. She had attached tulle to a sparkling head piece. As she was ironing the veil to take out the wrinkles in the tulle, she accidentally burned a hole in the tulle. The hole was high on the fabric, and it would have been visible around her shoulder area. She looked at me as she cut the fabric right above the hole. She nonchalantly said, Well, I guess I will be wearing a short veil instead of a long one.

yupAnother college friend was even more ambitious than the friend who made her own veil. This friend decided to make her entire dress and veil. During the rehearsal supper, much to my dismay, I shockingly learned that her dress was not finished yet. The bride calmly assured me the dress would be finished by tomorrows celebration. I was freaking out, yet she was calm as a cucumber.

Photographer-in-Action-0001The following day the wedding photographer Mexico was taking pictures prior to the ceremony. The brides mother was frantically sewing lace on the dress while pictures were being taken. The photographer actually made it into kind of a special moment -well maybe just to look back on. They were a great vendor, the pictures were breathtaking! The wedding videography was awesome and did an even better job handling all the wedding drama.

Interestingly, the dress never did get completely finished. Most of it was done, and the wedding guests may not have noticed the blank spots on the dress, but I did.

Bridesmaids-3I have decided my friends are way too laid back. When a bridesmaid is more nervous about the brides dress and the veil, that means the brides are pretty mellow people.